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Steps to the Kenai River


I have a .25 acre 82.5'x135' RV lot with electric power available in the rear ally of the lot. There is also a RV pad and 20' x 18" Culvert keeping the drive level with the street. Address: 33425 Gatten Rd. Sterling, Alaska 99672. (Legal is: T 05N R 08W SEC 7 Seward Meridian KN 0000995 Gatten Sub Lot 44.) 2009 Tax $77.  Its a short one block to the Kenai River and the best fishing ever.  It sells for $13K and is a steal. Grab your fishing pole and walk across the road to the river. The lot is located at the confluence of the Moose River and the Kenai River in Sterling, Alaska just 6 miles from Soldotna.  Izaac Walton State Park and Campground is located across the street.  No other RV lot like this is ever available at any cost. To learn more about Sterling, Alaska and the Kenai River please click onto the following links.     Lot is located to the right of the Moose River bridge

river.jpg kenai%20river.jpg kid.jpg

Moose River                                                              The Kenai River                                           "Kenai Kings"

 tour 1 2006 28031.png tour 1 2006 2804.png tour 1 2006 2807.png

Crossing the Moose River Bridge, lots on left beyond restaurant at first left turn.                    Boat ramp at the park across street

tour 1 2006 2805.png tour 1 2006 2810.png tour 1 2006 2806.png 

Crossing Moose River Bridge    Looking over the side where the Moose flows into the Kenai River    The Junction of the Moose & Kenai


tour 1 2006 2811.png tour 1 2006 2812.png tour 1 2006 2813.png

After the bridge is the entrance to the Park on right      Then across the street is the entrance to the property  Looking up street

tour 1 2006 2814.png Img40.png tour 1 2006 2817.png

Looking into Park                                               Across from park is the lot on Gatten St             Boat ramp again


tour 1 2006 2819.png tour 1 2006 2820.png tour 1 2006 2821.png

In park looking at Kenai River                            and a close up.                                      Waiting for the gravel truck and grader to arrive

picture 108.png  picture 113.png  Img29.png

Finally                                                                      Bingo, a nice new street               The gravel RV pad on the lot is also graded

tour 1 2006 2825.png  tour 1 2006 2827.png  tour 1 2006 2823.png

End of street, end of property                            Across the street from the lot                                into the lot beyond the pad

tour 1 2006 2828.png tour 1 2006 2829.png tour 1 2006 2830.png

The intersection                                                            Rear service ally for the lot

tour 1 2006 2831.png tour 1 2006 2832.png tour 1 2006 2840.png

Intersection by Sterling Hwy                                      looking at Sterling Hwy                                    Looking from property to Restaurant


tour 1 2006 2848.png tour 1 2006 2849.png tour 1 2006 2850.png

Looking at Sterling Hwy both ways and from the corner both ways. Right to Soldotna left to Anchorage

 tour 1 2006 2852.png tour 1 2006 2851.png

    From Sterling Hwy looking at van on corner

These are the same photos taken during the winter.

 kenai rv lots 010.png kenai rv lots 038.png kenai rv lots 051.png

The Kenai River across the street    Looking down the street, lot on right, river to left of building             Lane behind lot

kenai rv lots 033.png kenai rv lots 044.png Img15.png

Plenty of great trees on lot                           This is the driveway                                          Level and dry property on a bluff



This shows the lot (first highlighted lot on the left or the 4th lot on the map on the second row) and the river access at the bottom.  When I figure how to make it clearer I will.

 The photos show a short one block to the Sterling Hwy. cross the road into Walton State park entrance and walk down the slope to the boat launch about 50 yards.  Go to the link for the Borough map . click it, than click the green box at the bottom accepting the disclaimer.  Then click the drop down box at the top right that says "zoom to" at the bottom of the list of towns click Sterling. Then right in the middle of the map where it says "Park Road" you will see a river flowing into another one right above the words "park road" Click on the left "Zoom In" and move the mouse over the junction of the two rivers and left click.  Keep clicking to enlarge the area and you will then see the little subdivision called Gatten Subdivision.  The property is on Gatten Street one block off the Sterling Hwy.  It is the 4th 1/4 acre lot on Gatten going from left to right.  You can now see all the lots in the area and the two rivers.  Hope this helps

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